About Us

Small Business EHS offers small business leaders, who are the backbone of the United States, risk management, and regulatory systems to help your business thrive. 

Our goal is to help your small business make sense of OSHA and EPA regulations that apply to your business at a fraction of the cost of a full-time Compliance Manager (median wage in the U.S. is $97,000).


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Sydney White

Lead Team Building Educator & Editor

Sydney White is the co-creator and co-owner of Small Business EHS with her husband Cory.  She has 6 years of experience in education and curriculum development.  She grew up in a family of small business owners, so she appreciates and understands the hard work that goes into operating a business. Sydney has a passion for the psychology of learning development so she can create training curriculums that are highly retainable and engaging.

Sydney grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin boating and camping on the Mississippi River, and hiking and hunting on the bluffs. She has a passion for coaching people in developing a healthy lifestyle which includes finding people's passions, nutrition, exercise, and time management.  She worked three years as a CDL driver while earning her degree in Elementary Education.


  • Bachelor's of Education - Elementary Education - University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

  • Commercial Driver's License Holder

  • Trauma-Informed Teaching

  • Leader of a Wellness Committee that focuses on Educator's Mental Health

Cory White

Lead Consultant

Cory White is the co-creator and co-owner of Small Business EHS.  Through his 11 years of experience in the Environmental, Health, and Safety world, he noticed how hard interpreting OSHA and EPA government regulations were.  He also discovered that small business owners were the true heroes of the United State's economy so he began to create Small Busines EHS.  Cory's mission is to help small businesses develop win-win solutions by creating systems that ensure the business is compliant while creating value for the business.  Cory is here to serve your small business needs.

Cory is a Wisconsin native and loves to be active outdoors in his free time.  He has a passion for Track and Field, specifically the high jump event.  He grew up working on a cranberry marsh and studied Environmental, Health, and Safety Management for his Bachelor's and Master's degree.


  • Bachelor's of Science - Environmental Public Health - University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

  • Master's of Science - Environmental, Health and Safety Management - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

  • TPECS - Lead Auditor Certification - ISO 14001 & ISO 50001

  • Emergency Management Institute - FEMA Certified